7 grams of Brick Weed
What does low grade weed look like

What does low grade weed look like
Was kinda desperate today, all my connects were dry so i picked up some of this crap fro 10 dollars. shitty smell, texture but smooth smoke not as harsh as i thought itd be.. at least i changed the title What does low grade weed look like

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    Marijuana drying systemsThe proper process of curing/drying medical grade marijuana.
  • Anti marijuana facts
    Anti marijuana factsthis video belongs to the above group, it is not my video, i had nothing to do with it other than finding it on a website somewhere years ago.
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    Baby cannabis plant indicaREAD DESCRIPTION! Sativa, Indica, Afghanica and Ruderalis...if those four words sound like gibberish to you, then you need to