Has Weed Become More Potent or "Stronger"? 30 Year Comparison
What will make pot weigh more

What will make pot weigh more
READ DESCRIPTION! Welcome to Lex's World! Is Marijuana More Potent? How have things changed in the last 35 years? The Potency Monitoring Project out of the University of Mississippi is the only semi-reliable way to know whether Marijuana that's getting to street level is getting stronger. They measure Percent THC in pot samples that come in. Old stoner tales and theories aside, the numbers are indicating that it is in fact getting stronger. Today on Lex's World I show you the numbers from the Project itself and why I believe they are coming out as they are. I also weigh in on the truth in advertising when it comes to Seed Sellers. The true debate though is what does this mean for the future? I like to think that it might mean people will smoke less Chronic per sitting to reach the same results....but what do I know?

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